SWGB: Expanding Fronts Wiki
Welcome to the SWGB: Expanding Fronts Wiki!

This is a Wiki for the Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds mod Expanding Fronts. Among many other things, it adds to the game seven new Civilizations (and completely overhauls the Confederacy), five new shared Units, twelve new Unique Units, 47 new Unique Technologies, two new shared Buildings, 93 new Random Maps, and a myriad of Editor content, balance changes, and bug fixes.

The current version of the mod is v1.5.3, released on May 7th, 2024.
The current state of this wiki is: Being updated to v1.5.3 (Random Maps are pre 1.5.1).

Downloads and information available here and join our Discord community here.

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New Civilizations

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